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About the Trainer Mr. Sajid Patel (M.A., M.B.A.)

Mr Sajid Patel

Mr. Sajid Patel is a youngest dynamic, highly motivating and an entertaining speaker. He pursued MA, MBA. He is working as a successful professional trainer, mind power trainer and motivational speaker. He worked with corporate firms such as Reliance Life Insurance , LIC, Maruti Suzuki, HDFC and INDIA INFOLINE. He had an interesting and a noteworthy academic career.

He had a wish to do some work which will make people happy and at that time he came to know concepts of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) & Mind power. His inner guidance guided him on his path to spread this knowledge worldwide and make people happy & successful.

He began his career by attending various programs and enrolling himself in different scientific and spiritual courses related to this subject. After achieving many degrees he has qualified himself enough to start working as a professional trainer.

He is youngest dynamic and an entertaining presenter, parenting coach, NLP & Mind Trainer. He is also a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Grandmaster, Yoga Trainer, and Consultant. He is a spiritual healer and gifted with natural intuition. He has effectively guided people in difficult life scenarios like health, wealth, parenting career, etc.

Mr Sajid Patel

Mr. Patel delivered more than 350 programs and seminars in different cities of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Gujrat. With his public programs he has also conducted programs in different companies, associations, private and government organisations, schools, colleges, educational institutions and social committees.

With the vision to spread this knowledge worldwide Mr. Patel founded his organization “Gurumantra Trainings”. Through this organization, he has trained thousands of people and his students are amazed at the surprising results of themselves.

Mr. Patel's vision and mission is to spread this knowledge worldwide and to give a new direction to this world towards happiness.

Mr. Patel’s signature programme is his two-day Mind Power Workshop which he has designed keeping in mind all day-to-day problems which people face in their lives. This workshop is a perfect blend of science and spirituality which includes powerful techniques, exercises, games and meditations. Mr. Patel also has designed special workshops and seminars for different groups of people like Students, Businessmen (corporate), Parents, and Social Communities. His advanced and easy to follow techniques has led people towards positive thinking and increasing self-confidence and the his students have developed a positive attitude towards life and her programmes let people overcome their weaknesses such as Stress, Depression, Negative Thinking and phobias and achieve success and different various dimensions of life.

Mr. Patel’s selfless devotion and will to do the larger good of the society makes him a passionate communicator, guide, mentor and friend.

Everyone who comes into this powerful man’s life is proudly transformed as the teachings of his deep, compassionate and understanding nature radiates into all the relationships he built.

Let's build a positive energy and live a successful life.


We have specially designed several programs for different people like Students, Business-Man, Employee, Parents, Patients, Women, etc.