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Restart yourself with divine power
Restart yourself with divine power

Benefits of this workshop:

  • Value of human being and his life
  • Feeling the GOD and divine power
  • Maintaining relations
  • Experience ultimate peace in meditation
  • Laws of universe
  • Feel cosmic – vibrations in powerful
  • Precious knowledge of seven chakras for healthy body and mind
  • Acquire mental peace, divine happiness and reduce stress
Restart yourself with divine power
  • Trainer:

    Mr. Sajid Patel

  • Duration:


  • Contact:

    +91 72182 47970

You have that power, only you have to find it out!

With the advent of technology and science, we are so indulged in satisfying our worldly needs that we have forgotten to recognize the inner and most powerful divine power which can aid in pursuing the life’s struggle with peace.

Divine Power Workshop will help you to realize your true-self and you will be able to get the ultimate truth of life. This practical workshop includes Modern Science, Vedic Science, Meditations and lots of unique techniques of seven Chakras to reach absolute height and depth of Spirituality.

Let's build a positive energy and live a successful life.


We have specially designed several programs for different people like Students, Business-Man, Employee, Parents, Patients, Women, etc.