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Mind Power Workshop
Mind Mastery Workshop
Mind Mastery Workshop
  • Trainer:

    Mr. Sajid Patel

  • Duration:

    Two Days (Applied NLP)

  • Contact:

    +91 72182 47970

Unleash hidden potential of your brain!

Using Mind Mastery techniques, your personal growth, happiness and professional success will be consistent and much more predictable. Your ability to empower yourself for optimum results will be enhanced. Your effectiveness working with others will be dramatically increased.

Benefits of this workshop:

  • Aspects of life skills
  • Achieving, maintaining and enhancing excellence in any field
  • Self-development
  • To increase your Influence, Business, Personal Relationship, Sales, Clients Network and Raise Income.
  • To build everlasting relationships
Let's build a positive energy and live a successful life.


We have specially designed several programs for different people like Students, Business-Man, Employee, Parents, Patients, Women, etc.